These Reasons Will Not Include Trump in the Republic Day Parade of India

These Reasons Will Not Include Trump in the Republic Day Parade of India
US President Donald Trump will not be able to take part in India’s Republic Day parade next year. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had given Trump a invite to come to India during talks in Washington last year.
White House Press secretary Sarah Sanders said in July that Trump has received the invite of coming to India but no decision has been made yet. Asked about Trump’s decision on Modi’s invite, the White House spokesman said Monday, “President Trump’s invitation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to be summoned as chief guest of India’s Republic Day Parade on 26 January 2019 feels honored but he  will not be able to take part in due to busy programmed. ‘
It is being reported that when Indian Republic Day, Trump can address both houses of the US Congress at the same time. This usually happens in the last week of January or the first week of February. The spokesperson said there is a private close relationship between the U.S. president and Modi and that Trump is committed to strengthening the India U. S Relationship.
The president’s two meetings and on the phone several times through negotiation have created personal rapprochement from Prime Minister Modi and he is committed to deepening the US India diplomatic partnership, ‘ he said. ‘ The president hopes to meet Prime Minister Modi at the earliest once again . ‘ Modi and Trump have a program to attend the G-20 summit in Argentina on November 30 and December. Both leaders are likely to meet there and discuss bilateral relations.
India calls world leaders in its Republic Day celebrations every year. In the year 2015, U.S. President Barack Obama was joined as chief guest. He was his second visit to the US president. This year, leaders of ten ASEAN countries had attended the Republic Day celebrations.

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