Interpol Chief Missing: Meng Hongwei’s

Interpol Chief Missing Meng Hongwei
Meng Hongwei
Meng Hongwei, Head of the international Police organization interpol, who has been searching for worldwide criminals, has gone missing from France while her visit to China. He has no update since last Week. The French police have begun an investigation into the disappearance of Meng to meet her Wife.
According to police sources, Meng was last seen while departing China from France’s South-eastern City Leon on September 29. Meng’s wife reported her disappearance on Friday when there was no contact. The Interpol headquarters is located in the same City. A French official said he had reached China.
In china, a number of key positions had been handled by Meng, who was elected president of Interpol in years 2016. Many of the rights groups on their selection had expressed concern that China could seek out hidden corrupt officials, opponents and economic criminals abroad through MENG with international Help. A similar logo is being targeted at the anti-corruption chin fig of China President. China has been seeking cooperation from other countries to arrest or extradite Chinese nationals who have been entrenched in corruption cases over the past several years.
Many important posts that have been handled in China
Born in Northeast China’s Harbin city, 64-year-old Meng is the Interpol president from November, 2016. His stint on this post is up to 2020. He has graduated from China’s Peking University. He has remained Vice-Minister of China’s public Security Affairs. He has also took over the director of China’s Coast Guard Force. Earlier, He was appointed vice-director of the ocean Administration.

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