In the Ronaldo Case, Police Launched The Reinvestigation, the Star Footballer Said is Bogus Rape Charged

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo

LOS Angeles: US police have said that she has refused to investigate the rape allegations of a former model who said that football star Cristiano Ronaldo had attacked him in the hotel penthouse suite in Las Vegas in 2009. In Italy Siri a. Ronaldo playing on behalf of Juventus, however, dismissed these allegations while on Instagram live chats have told ‘ Bogus news ‘.
The star of Portugal’s 33-year-old Ronaldo wrote in the post on Monday, ‘ he who said today he is totally bogus-bogus news. ‘  Ronaldo later deleted this post though. According to the U.S. police, she has resumed scrutiny of the ex-model’s rape allegations, which said that in 2009 a hotel in Las Vegas, football star Ronaldo was attacked by him.
‘Der Spiegel’ magazine will sue
The advocate of Ronaldo says he will sue Germany’s ‘ Der Spiegel ‘ magazine. The news of the rape allegation on Ronaldo was first published by Der Spiegel. The magazine noted that Catherine Mayorga (former model) has claimed that Ronaldo had misdemeanour with them in a hotel room in Las Vegas. Mayorga was also misdemeanour in a police station in Las Vegas shortly after the incident.
After that in 2010, he also had a pact with Ronaldo outside the court on the matter. The condition of not bringing the public to this point was paid to them amounting to 375 thousand US dollars. His lawyers are now seeking to revoke the deal. However the police are now tahakikating the matter again. (Input Agency)
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