French says its Forces Kill at Least 30 Terrorist in Mali

French says its Forces Kill at Least 30 Terrorist in Mali
France’s Ministry of Armed Forces has said that its counter-insurgency forces have pumped at least 30 fundamentalists linked to Al-Qaeda in Mali. Minister of the armed forces of France Florence Parle said in a statement on Twitter: “The main jihadist gangster Hamdoon Caufa is likely to be killed in a campaign run on Thursday and Friday night.”
The Fulani jihadi group affiliated to the Qufa Al-Qaeda is the ringleader of the Katigab Makina, which is known as JNIM. The Ministry said in the attack that the French soldiers carried out air strikes, helicopter bombing and ground operations on the terrorists.
Operation Breaking France is France’s largest military campaign overseas. Under this, three thousand French soldiers have been deployed in Sahel area of ​​Africa.
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Let you know that seven people were injured in an attack by a knife attack in Central Paris in October. However, the police is not seeing it by linking it with terrorist attacks. Two of the injured people were British tourists. According to the police and other sources, the attacker had a knife and an iron rod. A source close to the inquiry said that the suspected Afghan citizens were being considered.
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